Meet of Eckenschwiller of Canada and the USA

On the way for Ste Agatha

On the road Friday 3 July. Midday arrived at the airport of Toronto and assumption of responsibility of our rented car with GPS. The first 100 meters are a little difficult: Time to be accustomed to the automatic gear
We have a long distance to carry out to be on time for the meeting with Leslie to 17 hours to Ste Agatha
Departure for Waterloo, the indications of the GPS miss precision and we are not familiarized with the road signs from here (name and N° of the roads rather than the directions).

At the end of a few kilometers the GPS requires of us: Do you want to continue on this road? Lost about a road which carries out we don't know where. We try to re-examine the programming and we make half-turn, we are nervous, I am in favour to follow the rare indications of the GPS, Mauricette wants to ask for her road in a village.
Mauricette makes sign with a motorist, who very sympathetic says to us to follow him, it leads us directly to our hotel. We were still very far from our goal.

The tomb of Antoine
In Ste Agatha with half an hour of delay, Leslie and his parents wait of us in front of the restaurant (one soup early in Canada).
First Canadian meal at the restaurant at Angie, who is famous for his German coocking. One makes fuller knowledge and one shows photographs.

James tells us that Eckenschwiller because of the Germanic consonance of the name had some difficulties at the time of the second world war.
The tomb of Henry and Antoine
Then we discover the cemetery. The tombs of the first immigrants disappeared, but that of Antoine is quite visible, like that of two of its sons: Henry and Antoine.

On the road for Oxford drive

Oxford drive Oxford drive
Saturday 04 July. On the way for the USA, the GPS agreed to restart. Main roads in Canada in a very green campaign and very large farms agricultural. Passage the custom at Sarnia by the Blue Water bridge. There is no joke for the entry in the States Unis, (catch of borrowed, photography, destination, reason for the voyage, and checks in all kind...)
Arrived at Dave and Pauline, Ann and Chuck join us in after midday.

Eckenschwiller meeting in Port Sanilac

Ecken meeting Ecken meeting Ecken meeting Ecken meeting
Sunday 05 July. Traditional meeting of Eckensviller family of the USA and Canada with for the first time the presence of Eckenschwiller come especially from France to meet his cousins.
Immense family tree joining together the American and French branches and old photographs.
The evening return to Pauline and Dave, meal, champagne and chattering.

Individual circuit, B&B, from Niagara falls to Tadoussac

Niagara falls Thousand islands Quebec Parc national En Mauricie
From Monday 06 to Thursday 16 July. With the discovery of Canada from the Niagara falls to Tadoussac, while passing by Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, the lake St Jean, Tadoussac, Malbaie and Montreal. The definitely capricious GPS will still get concern to us and to finish doesn't any more know the province of Quebec.