A little geography .

The Sundgau (pronounce « Sundgo ») is an area located in the south of the Alsace and part of the south-east of the territory of Belfort (in the east of France). This undulating area strewn with ponds and timbered hills, offers a pleasant and sought framework of life near the industrial centers and transportation routes. In plain or on average mountain, a multitude of hiking trails traverse our area.

Quelques Photos

This page is dedicated to all our distances cousins of Argentina, of Turkie, of Canada, of USA...).
That I invite by these some photographs, to discover the landscapes of the area of theirs ancestors.

Spring and Summer

Near Riervescemont Near Riervescemont In Alsace The Hohneck Cascade of Rummel Castel of Morimont Castel of Morimont Close to Belfort

In Autumn or in winter

Lake of the perchs Lake of the perchs Lake of the perchs Lake of the perchs Pond of the Veronne Ballon d'Alsace Ballon d'Alsace Pond of the Veronne