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The city Belfort

Le Château Centre et Savoureuse Vieille ville
From the war of thirty years to that of the 1870, from Vauban to the general Haxo, Belfort is an exceptional site and an important place of history. Between the fortified town, the old town and the museums, it is impossible to make the tour with this page. I only selected some sights of this architectural patrimony: the lion, Vauban's fortifications, a street of the old town, Brisach's door, the tower of the miotte...

Forteresse Vauban Porte de Brisach Tour de la Miotte
Belfort it is as well an exceptional frame for the meetings of the music. At the Beginning of July on the site of Malsaucy for Eurockéennes. In the old city, the weekend of the Pentecost, for the International Festival of University Musics ( in French the FIMU). Inescapable meeting of all the musics of the world, Each new edition gathered a lot of orchestra stemming from many countries of the world for more than 200 concerts. Once again several dozens thousand spectators invested the city for three days of musical happiness.


Auxelles-Haut is a village which was built up in 15-th century, near the deposits of lead, copper and silver. Before 1569 Auxelles-bas and Auxelles-haut formed only a single conglomeration. Our searches stumble over the limit of church books (baptisms and marriages from 1740 and death from 1788.
Parochial register did not allow to place Plubeau before 1743 (date of Jean Claude Plubeau's marriage with Ursula Riedre). Their parents are Jean Claude Plubeau and Ursula Tendre on one hand, Jean Pierre Riedre and Catherine Crave on the other hand. The archives of the ancient regime, (mines of Rosemont) mention Jean Claude Plubeau (probably the father) pourroux to saint Pierre in 1702 his births should be situated towards 1685-90 and Claude Elias Plubeau haberdasher to Giromagny in 1693. Patronymic names in use to Auxelles-haut in this time: Couqueberque, De la Creuse, Du Rhin, Fendeleur, Hosotte, Litoz, Peltier, Plus-Beau, Py, Raphenne, Sarrazin...